We watching them grow strong and start to handle the puppies gently and in periods by picking them up, holding and petting them before putting them back in the whelping area

We also continue to monitor their weight by weighing the puppies every three / four days
Nails also getting clipped

3 week old puppies slowly show interest in a water dish, more to the 3 and a halve week they trying a mixture of water and puppy formula in the water bowl.

At three to four weeks, they are able to see, hear, walk, and urinate/defecate on their own. Though their brains are still developing, they are capable of learning some things, puppies start to become aware of their surroundings and have the ability to develop a relationship with people, this is the period where puppies get familiar with the day-to-day noises of a regular household such as TVs, vacuum cleaners, telephones, etc.

At this age puppies are just learning to interact with each other and beginning to play. They are also learning their doggie social skills and exploring their ranking status within their pack. Their curiosity is developing, as are their biting skills. Nipping behaviours begin as they practice biting behaviour with their mother and litter mates.